Agency Profile

Be My Family Fostering Agency (BMFFA) is a small independent fostering provider, first registered with Ofsted in November 2009.

The Agency aims to provide a wide range of highly proficient approved foster carers to local authorities for foster placements of children and young people of all ages with diverse needs, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and abilities with a commitment to give high quality care to children looked after to improve their life chances and achieve best outcomes for them.

The Agency is committed to work together with its foster carers, local authorities, key professionals and children and young people to ensure that the children and young people placed with us are safe; healthy; they enjoy and achieve; make positive contribution and achieve economic well-being throughout their period of care with the Agency.

The Agency has a robust framework of assessment, approval, training and supervision of its foster carers and excellent quality assurance and monitoring systems in place to ensure that we achieve the highest standards of care for the children and young people placed with us.

We currently have a small group of approved foster carers and we are also in the process of recruiting foster carers from diverse backgrounds across London and South-East region of the UK. All Agency activities fit within a framework of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice.