Fostering Allowances & Incentives

Fostering Allowances

(Up to £650 per week dependent on the needs of the child.)

All foster carers receive a weekly fostering allowance (paid on a monthly basis) which covers the cost of caring for a fostered child.

The fee you will receive may vary according to the age and needs of the child or young person, and is intended to cover the costs of food and clothing, household items, personal care, pocket money and travel costs. This allowance does not usually affect any benefits you receive or tax you pay.


When you are preparing to foster you will receive training to help you and your family identify and build upon the skills you already have, and develop new skills needed to foster.

Newly approved carers will receive the training and support necessary for them to be able to complete the nationally approved foster care induction standards within 12 months.

Once approved, you would be expected to undertake on-going professional learning and development to help maintain and develop your skills.

All foster carers are offered further training opportunities.


If you are approved to become a foster carer there are a various sources of on-going support available to you. The most important will be your Supervising Social Worker, a member of the team allocated to support you from our fostering service, who will meet regularly with you to discuss any concerns you have, offer you supervision, and arrange any training you feel you need.

Your Supervising Social Worker will also review with you on an annual basis your fostering career and explore with you whether the type of fostering you offer needs to be changed.

We also have an ‘out of hours’ phone line where you can get support and advice from a qualified, experienced member of our team.

Support Group meetings and social events are arranged on a regular basis, where you can meet and get to know other foster carers and our Agency staff.